Alternative to Laravel Cashier

Are you looking for a Laravel Cashier alternative?

Laravel Cashier is a Laravel package for handling subscription billing via Stripe or Paddle, streamlining tasks like creating subscriptions and processing payments. While it helps with the backend processing of payments, it does not include any UI elements for building your payment flow. Even when using Laravel Cashier (either Stripe or Paddle), you still end up writing a lot of boilerplate and designing the UI for your billing portal.

If you'd like to avoid all of that boilerplate and ship faster, then Spike is the perfect alternative to Laravel Cashier. It is based on Laravel Cashier, therefore you get all the great benefits of a Laravel-first payment system, as well the steroids Spike provides.

Spike is the best solution for handling billing in your Laravel app, helping you sell credits via subscriptions and one-off products with ease. Your users will appreciate the simplicity of purchasing and managing their credits.

Let's look at some of the main benefits Spike provides out of the box.

Billing portal

Spike billing screenshot

Spike provides a beautiful and simple billing portal for your users to manage their subscription, purchase additional credits, view their billing history and also their credit usage.

Everything the user needs is in one place!

Alternative payment providers

Spike supports multiple payment providers - Stripe and Paddle. You can easily switch between providers without changing your code, and both Stripe and Paddle are great payment processors, both very popular amongst developers and businesses.

Credit management

Laravel Cashier is only a payment processing library, but Spike is a complete credit-based billing solution. Not only can you sell credits, but you can also manage and consume them within your app, avoiding all the complexity and boilerplate of selling traditional API credits and more.

Updating payment methods and downloading invoices

Spike provides a simple way for your users to update their payment methods and download their invoices. This is a feature that Laravel Cashier does not provide out of the box, and it is a great way to keep your users happy and save you time.

Great design

You will find that Spike looks great and has friendly user experience. Your users will feel right at home when purchasing credits and managing their subscriptions. You can even view a live demo of the billing portal.

Easy configuration

Defining a subscription plan is just a few lines of code. Defining one-off products is also just a few lines of code. Want to offer multiple types of credits? Just a couple of lines of code. It's that simple. To learn how easy it is to configure Spike, check out the Spike documentation.

Same engine

Because Spike is based on Laravel Cashier, you get all the great benefits of a Laravel-first payment system. You can use much of the same methods described in Laravel Cashier documentation to fetch subscriptions, check if a user is subscribed, and more. But for the most optimal experience it's recommended to check out the Spike documentation.

Ready to save time and ship fast?

Spike is the perfect alternative to Laravel Cashier for your Laravel app. It is a complete credit-based billing solution that will save you time and help you ship faster. Your users will love the simplicity and ease of use, and you will love the time and money you save.

Sell and manage credits
easily with Spike.

Add Spike to your Laravel project and start collecting payments immediately!

Spike billing screenshot


If you have any questions, feedback, or need any help setting up Spike within your project, feel free to reach out to me.